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"City Jail" will be shown for the second time in 2024!

Tickets go on sale January 7, 2024 for the reprise performance of "City Jail" at the Abbey Theater of Dublin (Ohio) on Friday, November 22 and Saturday Nov. 23, 2024!

Link to Abbey Theater

The world premiere full production of my revised and expanded play, "City Jail," took place over Veterans' Day Weekend, November 11, 12 and 13, 2022  at the Abbey Theater of Dublin, Ohio, 5600 Post Rd, Dublin, OH 43017.  I am told it was a resounding success (I thought so too)!


Performance was directed by Joe Bishara and the assembled cast was superb!

If you missed the World Premiere, this will be a chance to see it. We expect that we will be able to assemble the same superb cast from the original performance.  


Before presenting the full production, the Abbey Theater did two Staged Readings of this play, which were really helpful! Director Joe Bishara's troupe of talented actors brought my words to life!

Notwithstanding attendance restrictions imposed by pandemic concerns, we had over 75 attendees in June, who offered praise, constructive criticism and good questions in the lively post-reading talk-back.

Here's what they said about "City Jail": This Week News

If you missed it, you can still watch it online for free for a limited time here.

The November 2022 performance was attended by over 220 patrons.  Reviews were strongly positive.

 Feel free to contact my Director, Joe Bishara, Theater Supervisor for the Abbey Theater, at 614.410.4554 or  

For more information about Stage Right Theatrics, contact Robert Cooperman at

Interested in presenting "City Jail?" Please get in touch using the button below. 

For more on the Abbey Theater of Dublin's 2024 season, click here


Telling Our Stories

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I would love to hear from you! For more information, contact me using the "Get in Touch" button below.


"City Jail": a play in four acts

"Witness to History" -- Village View, Feb. 2020

Fate Stacked the Deck, an autobiography by Dan Clevenger (Editor)

Out for Publication:

Mist on the Bosporus, an autobiography by Alan Fiers (Editor)

Currently working on

The King's Cellist, an historical biographical fiction

This is the story of Henry Steckelberg, the 19th century cellist-turned farmer who abandoned a prestigious position as court musician with the King of Hanover, led the British German Legion band, and sailed to the New World to live in a democracy.  He joined the Union Army and was playing in Ford's Theatre the night Lincoln was shot.  He went on to perform with the New York Philharmonic for 14 years before the loss of two children in the New York cholera epidemic prompted him to take his chances farming on the Nebraska frontier.

Clients & Collaborations

Alan D. Fiers

The Village View

Dan Clevenger

What they are saying about Catherine Adams

As Playwright:

  • German Village Magazine 

  • Thought provoking. - Thomas, J.

  • Very interesting story line from a unique perspective. - Bentine, L.

  • Great play!  A topic that is rarely discussed with far-reaching ramifications. - Ward, K.

  • City Jail [is] absolutely fantastic, both in written script and production. - Ridder, W.

  • Excellent play!  It presented a very sad side of the legal system in a very thought provoking way.  What a crime that even those that win their cases often still end up as losers.  Johnson, K.

  • What a terrific show last night!!! The actors performed it beautifully.  We really enjoyed reading your program notes, too.  - Harbecht, S.

  • A very good perspective on the play and its context. 

  • A"must see."  Hopefully it will get performed again. - Swanson, K. 

As Editor:

Catherine Adams edited a four hundred page manuscript that I wrote.  The manuscript is currently being reviewed for possible publication.  All who have read it,  agree that it is well written and easy to read.  Without Catherine’s assistance, the manuscript would have been nowhere near the quality it is now.  Her suggestions on sentence formation, paragraphing and general formatting were invaluable.  She quickly grasped the subject matter and provided suggestions on how to make it more understandable for the reader.  And of course her command of the English language and grammar is top level.​

Catherine is easy to work with.  She is very smart and efficient.  I highly recommend her as an editor or co-author.

-- Alan D. Fiers.​

Catherine Adams cleaned up my manuscript and provided her experienced insight.

-- Dan Clevenger

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